Content creation is difficult, and writing content to attract attention to the crowd is many times harder. However, Copyrighter’s life will be less of a burden when these tools are used in daily work.
1. Tool to find ideas, topics, spy opponents
  • Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo has 2 main uses:
– Find out and analyze what content is holding the top positions, leading in your market (including all the content of competitors in the same field with you), trending content
– Find influencers in this market that will help you promote content if you know how

  • Hubspot:

Hubspot works on collecting data and forming a funnel through a full range of online advertising channels to help you turn visitors into customers.

  • Google Keyword Planner & Google Search:
Google search is always the first address I use to type keywords, topics that I want to write on. By looking at the first 10 results on page 1, you will get an idea of the outline of the article and the blueprints that will do to make the article outperform the existing results. Although Keyword Planner is not currently the best keyword research tool, it is the best choice for those who do SEO with little capital, because it’s free and gives us pretty good keyword suggestions.
2. Editing, composing, diverse content forms tools
WordPress now has too many supporting plugins, responsive themes to create a beautiful, lightweight interface for the site. If you want to decorate your article with vivid, beautiful, format with many frames, buttons, eye-catching Call to action, you can use the very famous Content Builder tools today: Thrive Content Builder and Visual Composer. Thrive Content Builder is a tool to help increase readers’ interaction very well, in addition to helping you add Opt-ins, Leads Form to navigate users.
Faststone Capture – fast screenshot, lots of editing utilities. In the tutorial articles are indispensable for demo screenshots. You have a lot of screenshots guide in the article, both increase trust, keep time on page for a long time and this not only achieves the purpose of content marketing but also helps your SEO Ranking efficiency is clearly improved.
Visual Content Tools: According to statistics from the world Digital Marketing experts, infographic content is the form of Visual Content which receives the most likes, shares, and interactions today. Two easy-to-use infographic creation tools are: and Each tool has a free template for you to choose and edit, adding text content to your graphic as you like.
3. Published quality content tracking tool

Google Analytics: With Google Analytics, you can easily observe the amount of traffic to the site, the average time they stay on the site.
And more importantly, you will see which content the site accesses the most through the keywords.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs will help you keep track of the content of the website currently has the number of interactions, how many backlinks return to that content and which keywords they use to link to you, quite similar to how to take Use as with Google Analytics.

4. Writing schedule management tool

Co-Schedule Content Marketing Editorial Calendar:
If you work in teams, this tool will help you easily assign the writing, tracking the publishing content of each individual and handling work for the professional team like never before.

Google Calendar: Using Google Calendar to remember your personal time, you can easily use it for content publishing schedules and to follow and remind yourself with very convenient SMS and Gmail settings and all are free of charge!