Landing page is where potential customers first contact with your company. The landing page can be the homepage, or a subpage or a single page that leads and persuades customers to take an action on the page: purchase, register for advice, register for a course, click on the link, to back information … Landing page design (landing page) with high conversion is the purpose that every business has a website that wants to achieve. So how to do that? The following article will reveal 5 secrets for a landing page with a high conversion rate. (Based on evaluation by Casey Wagner and Maria Carolina Lopez, senior Capterra’s marketing partner)

1. Highlight the value of the product

Offer strong product value right from the top of the page by creating one or two lines that briefly describe what your product is and who it serves. When customers have just visited your website, they can understand quickly and see the benefits of that product to them immediately. This attracts readers to dig deeper into the following sections of the landing page.

2. Call to Action button (CTA)

CTA is optimized as a call button associated with a short form and located on the dividing line between the two parts of the website. Here you need to clearly state the action you want the reader to take. If you find an outstanding benefit that can be offered to customers, use that. As an example above, Capterra used the benefit of signing up for a free trial to create a form and a call to action button. Also keep the form as short as possible, if it takes too long then customers will leave your site completely. The best amount of information on the form is 4-6 lines. Finally, make the call to action button jump out of the screen with striking colors or 3D effects.

3. Trust factor

Adding credibility to the page is an easy way to gain credibility in the eyes of potential buyers. A factor of trust can be anything from user reviews, case studies, statistics, video interviews, articles, certifications, to customer logos. Remember, when choosing trustworthy elements, they must be authentic, relevant and new. These reviews and logos must come from legitimate sources. Try to add new each time period, as much as prove your price. Finally, if you use customer logos, choose logos from companies most recognized by buyers in your market.

4. Content is clear

Clear content is all that needs to be done to ensure buyers can easily read and digest the information on your site. A strong title, a short list of product features, text broken down by image or a space and only one CTA button are key elements of an easy-to-read landing page. Strong headlines create clear stops on your page and allow the information to be organized into less boring sections for readers. For product features, keep them in a simple format separated by icons, images or spaces. The text does the same thing. Remember to stick to the best points and make sure you don’t overload your site with too much information.

5. Keep it beautiful and tied to the brand

The last thing to perfect a good landing page design is to keep it aesthetic and true to your company’s brand identity. Make sure the images you use are not just the same as stock images. When choosing photos or creating your own, always remember the identity and emotions your brand wants to create for customers. Relevant and synchronized images not only help the Landing page look aesthetically pleasing, but also reinforce the conversion message.